ho We Are

Headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, Psychiatric Disability Consultants, Inc. ("PDC") is an organization of specialized consultants uniquely qualified to assist you in your evaluation of complex psychiatric and medical disability claims nationally. Since 1990, PDC has been recognized throughout the insurance industry as a leader and innovator in the assessment of psychiatric disability claims.

Also known as Professional Disability Consultants, we have expanded our services to assist our clients in meeting the unique requirements of assessing complex medical disability claims.

PDC professionals include clinical and forensic psychologists, neuropsychologists, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, social workers, master level therapists and disability claim specialists.

PDC's mission is to help our clients thoroughly, fairly and objectively assess the functional impact of psychiatric and medical impairments by utilizing highly trained clinical experts to gather and interpret information, address inconsistencies and reconcile differing opinions.

hat We Do

PDC offers customized Services designed to enhance our clients' understanding of complex disability claims. Our network of Independent Medical Examination providers, psychiatric (IME) and medical (IME) and Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) professionals assess the level of impairment relative to a claimant's capacity to work. Through our Peer Review service, clinicians who are experts in their field respond to questions and provide opinions on the extent to which a psychiatric or medical condition may impact functioning.

The Specialized Psychiatric Assessment Network (SPANSM) psychologists conduct face to face interviews and address the clinical, motivational, situational and occupational issues germane to a disability claim. Our Training Program involves multiple clinical and claim workshops that are presented on-site to claim professionals. These workshops are designed to teach as well as refine the skills required to effectively assess disability claims. Claim Consultation services involve PDC's team of professionals who provide a comprehensive approach to assessing psychiatric and complex medical disability claims. Our staff and consultants can assist in the evaluation of your claim either on-site or from our home office.

ho We Serve

Our current clients include:

  • Individual and Group Disability Insurers
  • General Liability Insurers
  • Third-party Administrators
  • Self-Insurers
  • IME companies
  • Attorneys
  • Worker's Compensation Insurers

The PDC Advantage

  • PDC recognizes that every claim is unique and that each client has its own approach to disability assessment.
  • PDC has the expertise and experience required to objectively assess psychiatric and medical disability claims.
  • PDC is well staffed to ensure timely "turnaround" services.
  • PDC services claims throughout the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada.


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