What is an FCE?

An FCE or Functional Capacity Evaluation is the comprehensive, objective testing of an individual's ability to perform physical tasks over a period of several hours or days. This testing is also known as a Functional Capacity Assessment.

When should you consider an FCE?

  • To help you to determine a claimant's capacity to perform certain physical activities related to occupational duties and capacity to work.
  • To provide objective data when there is a discrepancy between the subjective complaints and other objective clinical or non-clinical factors.
  • To establish an individual's progress in a rehabilitation program or to evaluate a recommended vocational plan.

Who administers the FCE?

PDC selects only highly qualified licensed physical or occupational therapists who are experienced in performing FCEs. Both test results and observations of the claimant's consistency of effort and behavior are documented.

Why use PDC to arrange an FCE?

  • Our clinical staff will assist in assessing whether and when to perform an FCE.
  • PDC selects FCE specialists who are experienced in determining the appropriate testing protocols for the condition, and who can make objective observations of effort and limiting behaviors during the entire FCE.
  • The PDC Coordinator takes into consideration the distance a claimant may be asked to travel when selecting an FCE specialist.
  • Once an FCE specialist is selected, the PDC Coordinator will communicate with that specialist to determine whether any conflicts of interest exist.
  • A PDC Coordinator schedules the FCE appointment(s), and provides, in writing, the FCE specialist's fee for services information and cancellation policies.
  • PDC's clinical staff can help formulate case specific questions and, if requested, review and critique the final FCE report.
  • The cost associated with arranging a PDC Medical FCE is competitively priced. Fees are billed at an hourly rate for research, establishing credentials and scheduling.
  • To ensure the independent nature of the evaluation, the FCE specialist submits the final report and invoice for services directly to the referral source.

How do I refer a case for an FCE?

Complete the Medical FCE Referral Form and fax it to PDC or Contact Us for further assistance.

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