What is a Medical IME?

Independent Medical Examinations are comprehensive clinical examinations performed by one or more highly qualified physicians. There is no treating physician/patient relationship established when an IME is performed.

In addition to the documentation of the clinical examination and observations, the final IME report will include a thorough review of records, the results of any non-invasive tests performed, and responses to questions. IME services are utilized by a variety of sources, including claim organizations, attorneys, and other individuals involved in the management of disability claims.

When should a Medical IME be considered?

  • Whenever an unbiased expert assessment of a claimant's diagnosis, status and treatment plan is indicated.
  • To address inconsistencies between the claimant's reported level of impairment and other information, such as the expected result of treatment, or activities performed by the claimant.

Who performs a PDC Medical IME?

PDC selects physicians and medical specialists who are experts in their field of specialization and who have demonstrated the ability to assimilate factual data in the development of their opinions. These physicians have extensive forensic experience and typically have served as expert witnesses.

The PDC IME Network database contains the names of qualified physicians, many who are bilingual, throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The database is constantly updated and expanded.

The PDC clinical staff carefully credentials all IME physicians, by reviewing their curriculum vitae, board certifications, areas of specialization, licenses, malpractice coverage, administrative requirements and fees, and a work product sample.

Why use PDC's Medical IME services?

  • PDC confirms referrals within two business days.
  • A PDC IME Coordinator maintains regular communication with the referral source regarding the status of research and scheduling.
  • PDC's clinical staff carefully credentials the IME physician and makes recommendations specific to each case.
  • Once an IME physician is selected, a PDC staff member communicates with that physician to rule out any conflicts of interest.
  • A PDC IME Coordinator schedules the IME appointments and, in writing, provides the IME physician's appointment schedule, fees, cancellation policy and a copy of the curriculum vitae.
  • As necessary, the PDC IME Coordinator will make transportation arrangements and reserve meeting accommodations when travel is required for the IME.
  • PDC's clinical staff can help formulate case specific IME questions and, if requested, review and critique the final IME report.
  • IME physicians are expected to complete their final report within 7 business days of the last IME activity for each case.
  • The cost associated with arranging a PDC Medical IME is competitively priced. Fees are billed at an hourly rate for research, establishing credentials and scheduling.
  • To ensure the independent nature of the examination, the IME physician submits the final report and invoice for services directly to the referral source.

How do I refer a case for an IME?

Complete the Medical IME Referral Form and fax it to PDC or Contact Us for further assistance.

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