Training Program

PDC's onsite workshops are designed to teach as well as refine the skills required to effectively assess disability claims. The workshops can be customized to address various business needs, and can be presented as individual modules or as an entire training program. Topics can include the following:

  • Enhancing Communication Skills between the Claim Professional and Claimant
  • How to Conduct a Face to Face Interview with the Claimant
  • How to Interview Medical Professionals
  • Understanding Medical and Psychiatric conditions
  • Understanding the Subjective Claim
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Occupational Assessment
  • Employer Interviews and Workplace Contact

Claim Consultation Services

PDC's staff and consultants can assist in the evaluation of claims either on-site or from our home office. When on-site, our psychologists and clinicians work as team members with your staff. PDC professionals integrate with your staff and assist in the review of your cases. Because of our experience with complex disability claims, we can help you develop the "next steps" in the claim process.

PDC is well positioned to enhance the skills and decision making of claim professionals by helping them to better understand the complexities associated with disability claims. We provide expert review of information, provide direction and make recommendations on your cases. Because we interface with clinical professionals, as well as claimants and their representatives on a routine basis, we have the tools you need to complete thorough, fair and objective claim evaluations.

If you are interested in PDC's Training Programs or Claim Consultation Services, please Contact Us for further assistance.


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